Fun Group Activities at Lake Tahoe

A team-building event at the Lisa Maloff University Center (LMUC) gives you access to lots of fun group activities at Lake Tahoe, many on or near the Lake Tahoe Community College (LTCC) campus.

Here are a few of our favorites:

Outdoor Team Building
From freeze tag to relay races, outdoor team building exercises and games are a fun way to get people out of the conference room and working together. Lake Tahoe Community College’s community playing fields are within walking distance of the LMUC, making it an option for short breaks as well as longer sessions.

LTCC’s soccer fields are ideal for team-building soccer activities. While playing a game of soccer is one option, so too are exercises like:

  • Team Stand-Up: Have your team sit in a circle and link arms while facing in the circle and then stand up. It forces people to work together and communicate to stand up as a team.
  • Obstacle Course: Divide into teams and set up enough obstacles so every team can work on one before rotating. The more creative the obstacle, the more fun for everyone.
  • Three-Legged Race: This classic team-building exercise never gets old, as it’s another example of how collaborating leads to success.

You’ll find miles of trails easily accessed from the LTCC campus. Several singletrack trails wind through the pine trees and out to the meadow and nearby Trout Creek. In addition, the Dennis T. Machida Memorial Greenway, a linchpin in South Lake Tahoe’s trail network, starts at Lake Tahoe Community College.

Need more ideas? Reach out to us. We’re happy to help you plan your next team-building event.