Healthy Meetings, Healthy Teams: Incorporating Movement & Mindfulness

In today’s breakneck world, prioritizing well-being at an event can feel like an afterthought. After all, you only have so many hours to achieve the conference objectives. But what if your next meeting could achieve its goals and leave your team feeling rejuvenated and connected?

It comes down to two words – movement and mindfulness. Weaving these concepts into your next event can do wonders for everyone’s stamina and mindset, regardless of size or duration. Including yours.

Here are a few ways to get started:

Get your attendees moving: Studies show that physical activity boosts mood, enhances memory, and increases creativity. But don’t limit it to stretch breaks between sessions. Ditch the stuffy conference room and get moving outside. Lead an energizing group yoga session, organize a scavenger hunt, or take breakout sessions outside. The fields, trails, and outdoor areas at LTCC are right outside the doors of the University Center, making it easy to get moving.

Incorporate short breaks: Too scheduled to take it outside? Even short bursts of movement throughout the event, like quick stretches or walk-and-talk brainstorming sessions, can make a big difference.

Introduce mindfulness exercises: Practices like guided meditations or short breathing exercises can help your team de-stress, focus on the present moment, and improve communication. Start with small, guided exercises to ease everyone in, and for a fun twist, try mindful eating activities that encourage present-moment awareness.

Include healthy catering options: We’re not saying ditch the comfort food, but giving your team healthy alternatives means they’re not committed to the afternoon slump. The University Center’s catering partners feature creative, fresh, and flavorful menus that accommodate various dietary needs.

The Lisa Maloff University Center makes it easy to foster movement and mindfulness. Between the adjacent outdoor facilities and trails, proximity to nature, catering options, and location, it’s an ideal option for your next healthy meeting.