Top Reasons to Meet at the Lisa Maloff University Center

Lake Tahoe is a magnificent location for a variety of different events, from board retreats to hybrid meetings. And there are plenty of venues to choose from. Here are the top reasons to consider the Lisa Maloff University Center at Lake Tahoe Community College for your next event.

It’s Lake Tahoe’s High-Tech Hub for Meetings and Events –
You don’t have to be a tech wizard to appreciate the 98″ Ultra HD 4K touchscreen displays, 6500 lumen 4K laser projectors, Shure microphones, and motion sensing cameras in our meeting spaces. All you need to know is that the cutting-edge technology ensures your next meeting goes according to plan.

The Amenities You Need –
Breakout rooms, outdoor areas, and access to miles of trails are a few of the many amenities you’ll find here. The adjacent fields at Lake Tahoe Community College are ideal for team-building exercises and can accommodate groups of various sizes.

You’ll Eat Well –
Our carefully curated catering partners offer a range of unique and delicious menus customized to your needs. From casual buffets to formal dinners, grab and go to made on-demand, you and your attendees will be satisfied!

Easy Access –
We make it easy to get around South Lake Tahoe. Our hotel partners are all within a short distance of the Lisa Maloff University Center, and LTCC buses are available for transportation. If you’re coming from further afield, there’s a regular shuttle service between Reno-Tahoe International Airport and South Lake Tahoe.

And, of course, Lake Tahoe –
It goes without saying that having Lake Tahoe as the backdrop to your next meeting is a no-brainer. Having close proximity to the stunning blue waters and surrounding mountains will inspire your team. And for you.

Contact us to see why we’re a good fit for your next meeting.