Beyond Meetings: Why the University Center is Perfect for Training and Workshops

Meetings aren’t the only raison d’etre for the Lisa Maloff University Center (LMUC). Our location at Lake Tahoe, meeting spaces, and technology are ideal for hosting many other gatherings, including training and workshops.

Our four meeting rooms offer various configurations. All rooms boast cutting-edge technology to ensure smooth presentations, interactive polls, videos, and recordings. Our highly qualified and responsive team is ready to assist you in ensuring your training, workshop, or seminar meets your expectations.

All the Resources You Need for a Training or Workshop 

The LMUC offers the tools you need for an effective training session. Our four flexible meeting rooms can easily be divided into smaller breakout rooms and the table and chair arrangements can just as easily be returned to the original meeting room set up. This adaptability ensures that our space can cater to your unique training or workshop requirements.

Encourage Engagement and Collaboration with the Right Tools

The LMUC provides the technology and interactive tools to allow you to liven up your professional training workshop. Moving beyond lectures is easy by incorporating breakout sessions where participants can discuss and solve problems together. Our breakout rooms are an excellent option for this, as are the nearby tranquil outdoor spaces, fields, and trails at Lake Tahoe Community College.

Are you looking to keep energy up while indoors? Digital polls or quick quizzes are a fun way to refocus attendees during a session. They can keep the energy high, gauge understanding, and even introduce friendly competition among participants. Rest assured that our cutting-edge technology provides the reliability you expect for your workshop, training, or other event!