4 Ways an In-Person Meeting Is Good for Mental Health

We know that face-to-face meetings offer several benefits from a meeting effectiveness perspective. There are also significant advantages for our mental health, as many of us discovered during the pandemic. Here are a few reasons why an in-person meeting can boost your well-being.

Social Connections
In-person events provide many opportunities for authentic social connection, often in easier and more spontaneous ways than online or hybrid situations. Connection can combat feelings of loneliness and isolation, whether it’s through formal team building, casual chats at meals, or general networking. There’s a good reason why folks congregate around the proverbial water cooler.

Sense of Belonging
Being in the same room with people for a meeting or event can create a feeling of community and belonging, more so than a shared Zoom screen. That feeling of connection to others is essential to our well-being. Like social connection mentioned above, finding community can improve our mood and self-esteem, contributing to our mental health.

Better Communication
We know that certain visual and non-verbal cues are missing in online meetings. Face-to-face communication is inherently clearer and more effective as a result. It’s easier for people to ask questions and clarify things in person, and something that might be missed or read wrong in a Zoom chat may be fine when you’re in the same room.

Improved Mood
Sharing a room, event, meal, or team-building exercise with others can make us feel good, thanks to hormones. Activities like brainstorming, laughing, problem-solving, exercise, and hugging contribute to improving your mood.