How to Make Your Next Event/Retreat More Effective (Also, Fun)

You’ve confirmed your venue, and you’re starting to plan. You want to ensure it’s a memorable event your attendees, sponsors, and presenters all love. Check out these suggestions for an effective, engaging, and fun event – every time.

Keep Sessions Short
The days of one-hour presentations are over. The savvy meeting planner knows that erring on the shorter side is good for everyone. Speakers are forced to distill their ideas into clear and concise messages, attendees stay energized, and it makes for a more fast-paced day.

Get People on Their Feet
Sitting for long periods, as we’ve learned, isn’t good for our health. It’s why many offices offer standing desks and walking options for employees. Why should your event be any different? While a standing-room-only situation may not work for every occasion, encouraging folks to move around, whether before or after a presentation, for an outdoor teambuilding exercise, or at a scheduled ‘move break,’ can do wonders for morale – and one’s ability to concentrate!

Make it Healthy
Fresh-baked cookies are always a popular choice at breaks, but keep it balanced. We’ve all experienced afternoon drowsiness after a heavy lunch or carb-laden snack and know it doesn’t bode well for an engaged audience. No need to cut out all the treats! Give attendees healthy options so they have a choice.

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