How to Make Your Next Hybrid Meeting a Success

Whether you’re in a large company with dispersed teams or have both remote and in-office colleagues at your office, a hybrid approach can be an effective way to meet – when done right. Here are four things to consider when planning your next hybrid event.

High-quality audio

Glitchy audio isn’t ideal in any situation. It’s all the worse in a hybrid meeting, where in-person attendees may not be close to the speakerphone, or the speaker in question needs better audio.

The Lisa Maloff University Center’s meeting spaces offer world-class audio ideal for live-streaming and online collaboration, including built-in Shure microphones.

Design the meeting for all participants

Considering the needs of both remote and in-person attendees is crucial to a successful hybrid meeting. What activities, tools, and software will optimize everyone’s experience? Things to review include breakout group structure, how to capture meeting notes, Q&A, and polls.

At the Lisa Maloff University Center, you’ll find hybrid-meeting-friendly tools like Ross HD PIVOTcams that ensure high-performance image capture and Extron SMP that enables simultaneous recording and streaming at 1080p/30 frames per second.

Test everything beforehand

Even the greatest and most advanced technology isn’t perfect. Taking time to test everything before you go live allows you to troubleshoot potential issues. Make sure any participants using technology have time to test it out as well. It’ll ensure a smoother, more positive experience for everyone.

Flawless facilitators

Managing meetings, in general, isn’t easy, but when faced with both online and in-person participants simultaneously, you need strong facilitation techniques. Identify a person who can keep the meeting on track, make sure remote participants feel heard and engaged, and not allow anyone to feel talked over.

The Lisa Maloff University Center offers technology-driven meeting spaces ideal for hybrid events. Learn more about holding your next event here.