Four Must-Haves for Your Next In-Person Retreat

Planning an in-person retreat that exceeds expectations requires several elements. These four must-haves will ensure you hit your next event out of the park.

Flexible meeting rooms and workspaces

Meeting space that you can adjust for different activities is key, as it allows you to change things up without requiring extra room space. In the morning, it’s classroom-style seating, and in the afternoon, it easily shifts to a huddle setup.

You’ll find four flexible rooms at the Lisa Maloff University Center that adapt to accommodate 50 seats and feature huddle desks with 43” flat-panel screens and three cameras in every room.

High-quality technology that enhances the experience

Quality audio visuals ensure presentations run smoothly, videoconferencing avoids painful glitches, and everything runs according to plan. At the University Center, you’ll find cutting-edge technology like 98” ultra-HD 4k touch-sensitive flat panel televisions, 6500-lumen laser projectors that support 4k content, Crestron technology, collaboration software, and more, all designed to meet modern meeting needs.

Fast and stable Wi-Fi

In today’s world, there’s no excuse for not having a stable Wi-Fi connection at your event. The expectation for fast connections that can support your attendees’ needs can make or break the experience.

Accessibility to lodging and other amenities

All work and no play make a retreat dull. And it’s nice to have options, be it for dining, entertainment, or lodging. Lake Tahoe offers scads of choices for all that and more. Whether your team wants to hit the slopes, enjoy a lake cruise, explore the miles of trails, or experience Tahoe’s famed nightlife, it’s all within minutes of the Lisa Maloff University Center.

Want to learn more? Reach out to us, we’d love to help you plan a memorable in-person Lak Tahoe retreat.