Local Highlight: Mez Works Custom Furniture

It’s the eye for detail that makes the facilities at the Lisa Maloff University Center a unique meeting venue. Cutting-edge technology and sustainable design play a role, as does the stunning large-format artwork that graces the walls.

One detail that surprises and always delights visitors is the large, handcrafted table in the conference room. Built by Mez Works, a local custom furniture designer, it boasts high-quality wood and elegant finishing, adding quiet sophistication to the room.

A truly local business, Mez Works was founded in 2011 by South Lake Tahoe action sports professional Terren Gomez-West. It began as a small grass-roots outfit in his garage, building custom furniture with a rustic mountain focus. His design focus has evolved into a cleaner, more modern industrial design and is now a large-scale operation with more than 800 custom pieces created.

What makes Mez Works pieces so eye-catching is the craftsmanship with both wood and metal, which reflects the natural beauty of the source. Sporadic knots, the complexity of wood grains, seamlessly blended welds, and clean finishes showcase the materials and their character.

It’s a functional work of art that elevates any meeting.

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